Mortgage reduction

Take control and reduce your current mortgage by up to 2/3's

The questions is: If we could show you how to reduce your current mortgage plus be in full control every month, would you take 30 minutes to have one of our Reduction Managers demonstrate our free no obligation program?

Fact: Most home owners take out a 25-30 year mortgage, but as an average most will only keep the home for 5 years before selling it. To only purchase again taking out another 25-30 year mortgage. This is why most will never be freehold.

No1 Property Guide can demonstrate how you can:

- Restructure your mortgage.
- Reduce up to 2/3's off your current mortgage.*
- Save tens of thousands of dollars in interest.
- Create equity to purchase investment properties.
- Plan and reach retirement with no stress.
- Be in control of your debts and future with tracking and monthly reporting.

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