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Easing the process to your custom first home

It’s human nature to be a bit impatient at the process for home ownership, particularly if this is your custom first home. You will want all the details to be right — for example, you may wish to add a swimming pool or ducted air conditioning (to name but two features) — and want the outcome to be perfect and delivered on time.

You want all the negotiations to be completed quick smart and any delays speeded up so the final sale can be brought to fruition. You’ll want all the paperwork and procedure done quickly so that you can get into your full turnkey custom first home as soon as is possible. Only then can you enjoy your chance at independence, the ability to call your patch of Australia home and to get off the rental merry-go-round and into home ownership.

While approval and meeting with master builders can take a little time, it’s encouraging to know the team at No1 Property Guide will go the “extra mile” to facilitate this process. As Rob Taynton of the Gold Coast explains in his recent Facebook testimonial.

“The team was awesome to deal with. I had them listening to me annoyed at the process and they did their best to get me through it. Just the waiting game for the build to happen now. Thank you guys for helping us to achieve this.”

Well it’s our pleasure Rob! We’re only too happy to smooth the way to your custom first home and we love hearing that you recommend our service. For it’s something we really work hard at here at No1 Property Guide. And we get a real sense of happiness that you found our service of the highest value possible!

Are you interested in finding out more about how to find your own no or low deposit custom first home? You can find out more here.

More general information about first homes is available by contacting us here.

Of course, please don’t hesitate to check out our other Facebook reviews.

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Darren Walters

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