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There’s no doubt that now is a great time to buy your first home. With interest rates at their lowest point in 41 years and land and house packages becoming more available, there’s a key opportunity for first home owners and investors alike to enter the market.

The benefits of low interest rates and an accessible market have made property a hot investment item throughout the nation with first home owners and investors pocketing the results of the boom.

So why not take this golden opportunity to buy your first home or refinance your current mortgage?

According to real estate expert John McGrath, the Australian property boom is peaking and may begin to slide in the not too distant future. However there are a number of property “hotspots” where the incredible boom in housing is set to continue. One such area is Southeast Queensland, outlined Mr McGrath.

“Right now, you can lock in the cheapest money you have ever been able to borrow. I am telling my clients to buy on the Gold Coast or in Brisbane,” he said on the sides of the AREC 2015 real estate conference held on the Gold Coast.

McGrath referred to a property “golden triangle” in Queensland extending as far west as Toowoomba, south to the Gold Coast and up as far as the Sunshine Coast.

However where do you go to find information on how to buy your first home or refinance your current mortgage? Where should you go to find advice and information about finding flexible easy finance terms for land and house packages?

At No1 Property Guide we act as an information guide for the first home buyer and investor. As licensed consultants we provide advice and an in-depth knowledge of the property market that will help you benefit from the property boom.

We can help you find flexible easy finance terms for the land and house packages of your dreams and offer solutions to any questions you may have about home ownership.

We’ll guide you through every process to help you achieve the goal of owning your new home. We operate throughout Australia, though specialise in the property “hotspots” of Brisbane, Sunshine Coast and Gold Coast, offering advice on house and land packages that are available in these areas.

We have wide easy flexible criteria with low deposit required. Call us today to find out how we can get you low rates to help you get into your new home!

Call Darren on 0415 489 479 or Email [email protected] Today for you free assessment.

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