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Making dreams come true…for all of our customers

We’re working hard to find easy home loan options for everyone!

Here at No1 Property Guide, we don’t just work with young people to secure their first home. We pride ourselves on our service to all of our customers, regardless of status. All of us start out with a dream of home ownership, the desire to get off the rental merry-go-round and into a no or low deposit land and home package that we can call our very own.

However, it’s taking the next step — getting in touch with us — that we really begin to reach our goal. As No1 Property Guide founder Darren Walters says:

“We are always looking for ways to better help people get into the full turnkey homes of their dreams, to realise their goals of being independent and not stuck in the situation of paying off someone else’s mortgage, as is the case with renting.”

This week’s testimonial from Pauly Robertson underlines this commitment.

“Total amazement.. at my age thinking I will never be in a position to get into my own home again, to getting 100% approval in only a short time. The team at [No1 Property Guide] are so professional and so nice to deal with…these people make ‘dreams come true’. Thank you Cheryl and Keilen.”

Making dreams come true is an apt phrase to describe our work here at No1 Property Guide, where we strive hard to help people reach their goals of home ownership, whether a first home or otherwise. You can discover more how, with a small deposit, you can order custom features in your first home. Examples of this include a swimming pool or air conditioning.

Incidentally, if you are looking to do more research on how you can get into your low or no deposit house and land package, check out our other Facebook reviews here.

Contact us here to find out more of realising your own dreams of owning your own home!

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