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So, is it a scam?

Getting people into their first home sooner, and at a good price, is what we do best here at No1 Property Guide. We team people up with the type of no or low deposit house and land packages that best suit them, giving our customers easy access to their full turnkey homes, built by master builders.

But sometimes it seems we do our job too well, some folk look for the “hidden” catches, the fine print, the corners cut. Whether, indeed, we are for real.

“They think our fast, friendly service is too good to be true,” said No1 Property Guide owner Darren Walters.  “Some are so taken aback by our ability to match people with their low deposit house and land packages, they ask if it’s a scam!”

Darren answered his own question saying that No1 Property Guide is indeed not a scam and pointed to many reviews which prove his company’s credentials as Southeast Queensland finest new home specialists.

One of these reviews comes from recent happy customer Tau Lala Tomasi of Gold Coast Queensland.

Tau Lala invites people to “check out the company for yourselves”. 

Tomasi family

“Think this is a scam? Take a risk and check it out for yourself,” she asks.

“I first came across No1 Property Guide when I was up late feeding my then 3-month-old son” she said. “I was a bit sceptical at first, but I hit them up that evening and the very next day I received a call from them. My husband thought I was insane at first as I usually fill out random surveys and forms hoping to win something out of it.

“Words cannot describe how we’ve been feeling after receiving confirmation that we are now Unconditionally Approved. I can now live stress free with having to fill out a new lease form knowing that my kids will have a forever home this year.

“We are forever grateful to Cheryl, Keillen, Clay and the rest of the No1 Property Guide for making this possible. We truly appreciate all they have done for us and can’t thank them enough,” she said.  

Darren adds that this is just one of many fantastic reviews received by No1 Property Guide customers, some of which may be viewed on the website, or at the company’s Facebook Page.

Interested in finding out more about no or low deposit new homes? Follow this link.


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