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Turn Your Dreams Into Reality With A No or Low Deposit New Home

no or low deposit home loans

Did you grow up dreaming of owning your own house with a pool and your own ensuite? With property prices increasing, it seems like now is the best time to invest – but how can you do that without the luxury of expendable income and ever-increasing living expenses? Perhaps you’ve looked into buying a house but the idea of moving back in with your parents to save for a deposit is just too much of a commitment. We understand the financial and emotional struggle, and that’s why we’ve explored your options for you.

What is a no or low deposit new home?

A no or low deposit new home is an easy way to enter the property market early on and is the perfect option if you’re in a unique situation. Perhaps, you have the stable income, but saving a lump sum of money just isn’t viable at the moment. That’s where No1 Property Guide no or low deposit new home system comes in. You won’t have to worry about the deposit, the first step is determining your borrowing capacity. We offer numerous house and land packages that require no deposit, or a low deposit, easing you into the property market and essentially helping you achieve the home owner lifestyle, minus the huge hole in your pocket.

How can I get a no or low deposit new home?

Owning a home is much more than ‘owning’ property. It signifies so much more. Buying and living in your own home represents security, freedom, accomplishment…. Gone are the days of dealing with pesky property managers, houses that aren’t pet friendly, and random maintenance workers coming and going as they please. Owning a home means complete and utter control of your lifestyle and your finances.

However, with the current property market, it may seem like buying a house will only ever stay a dream. With mortgages going through the roof and deposits getting higher and higher, it seems like a lose-lose situation. Right? Wrong. We have good news for you. Our Managing Director and property expert, Darren Walters, has identified a gap in the market that caters to a large portion of home-buyers who don’t currently have a deposit but want to enter the market early on. There are options available that places you in to the market without having to jump through hoops to get there.

A simple chat with our team can get you on your way to securing a no or low deposit new home.

What is the process for a no or low deposit new home?

Once we have calculated your borrowing capacity, the first step in acquiring your no or low deposit new home is pre-approval. While you may be worried this will be dependent on your income, we simply calculate your borrowing amount by comparing your current income verse your debts. This will determine your borrowing amount.

The team at No 1 Property Guides have done the hard work for you and have established trusted connections with our builders, which allows us to offer our customers no or low deposit house and land packages!

The next step is securing your lot and new home package. Our mortgage managers will organise your mortgage, as well as your Great Start Grant or First Home Owners Grant approval, and walk you through the home buying steps, buzzwords and expectations you may be confused about. They’ll essentially help you to check off your home buyer checklist.

The final step, (and the best one!) is the building process. Our builders will process council approvals and finalise requirements, so that while they’re building, you get to make the executive choices of colour schemes and landscaping options.

Where can I build and get a no deposit new home?

When you choose a no or low deposit new home with No1 Property Guide, you open yourself up to various locations and possibilities! The areas we build in and offer house and land packages range from Queensland, to New South Wales and Melbourne. Whether you’re looking to purchase a house and land package in the sunny Gold Coast or bustling Melbourne, there’s a no or low deposit home and land package awaiting you. We build in a range of regional and non-regional locations, such as Newcastle and Hunter Valley, which you can browse here.

What’s the catch?

While there are many property groups promising the world and forgoing the delivery, No1 Property Guide are with you every step of the way. We understand the loopholes you usually have to go through to get where you want to go, so we’re completely up front with costs and contract requirements. Of course, we encourage you to do your own research around no or low deposit house and land packages to understand the fine print, but if you’re looking for real-life recommendations from our customers you can read through our reviews and testimonials here and on our Facebook page.

The team at No 1 Property Guide have made it easy and seamless for you to get a new home. A no or low deposit new home is a straightforward, accessible approach to entering the property market, and we ensure the buying and building journey is a completely pleasant and valuable process.

To find out more information or to have a confidential discussion around your options, give us a call at 0455 037 370 or fill in the contact form here.

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