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Why word of mouth reviews are so important to us

How do people hear about our service? One that offers such a fantastic opportunity for low and no deposit house and land packages?

Well, as you have seen in this blog and under testimonials on our website, the interest is very often picked up from Facebook reviews. We are very proud of the number of positive reviews we have received on our social media and urge you to check them for yourself here.

However, there is another, more traditional way of finding out our great deals for people looking to buy their first home. This is word of mouth and it is this method that is mentioned in Perry Te Amo’s wonderful review.

Good word of mouth reviews are very important to us here at No1 Property Guide because they demonstrate our good reputation amongst first home buyers. Those who have used our service and are very happy with the outcome. It shows that the hard work we put into our customer service is paying off.

“Massive shout out to the team for their outstanding service. I discovered No1 Property by word of mouth following a conversation with a close friend. Where I mentioned wanting to buy/build, he urged me to check them out,” says Perry, pointing to the verbal, face-to-face method of relaying a company’s good name that our team strives so hard to achieve.

He continues, thanking us for “making this…impossible endeavour possible”.

“Admittedly, at first I thought it was too good to be true but I enquired anyway. From that initial enquiry I would eventually be officially approved and unconditional. A double salute to Darren and his incredible team of Clay, Cheryl and Keillen — just to name a few —  for guiding me through the entire process, keeping me well informed every bit of the way. I can’t thank you enough for making this seemingly impossible endeavour possible. Your service is second to none!”

Perry concludes his fantastic review by urging others to use our service to get into the first home of their dreams, just as he has done.

“What have you to lose? Don’t procrastinate! Enquire now! You will not regret it!”

Are you, like Perry, interested in finding out more about how you can get off the rental treadmill and into your dream first home? Ask us how, with a small deposit, you can order your custom home with added features such as air conditioning and a swimming pool.

We’d love to hear from you!


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Darren Walters

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