While trying to save a deposit?

We understand, you are no different than most of our clients.

Have no or little deposit

With No1 Property Guide, you don’t have to worry about the deposit. The first step involves determining your borrowing power. After submitting your basic details to our team, we will assess your situation and present you with all your factual new home options.

Don’t understand?

We believe people feel most comfortable when they have clear knowledge and understand exactly what they are signing up to. We provide our clients with all the necessary information needed to make them confident in making educated decisions. We offer zero deposit homes australia.

Don’t think you qualify?

We’ve helped many happy clients transform their situation from renting to owning with our proven framework, No and Low Deposit loans. You’re just one step away from determining your borrowing capacity and discovering all your factual options.

Has your Bank said no?

We understand facing a knock back from the bank is disheartening but that doesn’t mean you should give up on your home ownership dreams. No1 Property Guide help people of all circumstances secure property, even people who thought it to be impossible. We can help!

Why No1 Property Guide By Darren Walters?

Darren has built the most respected No or low Deposit New Home System in Australia. His team has already helped hundreds of renters just like you become new homeowners. Please read our 5 Star testimonials on Facebook and Google

Tara and Jerry New House | No or Low Deposit House & Land Packages | No1 Property Guide

It’s ok, our amazing team will calculate how much you can borrow while explaining how our No or Low Deposit system works.
Are you a first home buyer? Or have your owned before?
We have options for both, once we have calculated how much your can borrow, we can sit down and advise all your factual new home options. Stop renting and take action today with our 0 deposit homes australia.

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ALL EB – April 13, 2019

Testimonials | No or Low Deposit House & Land Packages | No1 Property Guide

3d testimonial stars

“We thought that building a house was just a dream. But the No1 Property Guide made things possible for us. Excitement rose – from loan approval down to building the house and finally,keys were handed over to us perfectly on time. We now moved in to our new, beautiful home!What more can I say, but “Thank You” to No1 Property Guide – No or Low Deposit House and Land Packages – for your unending support, including all staffs who were very supportive and who kept us always in the loop. Sending you all my heartfelt gratitude!For any of you (reading this) who has a dream house, don’t hesitate to contact No1 Property Guide, and make your dream a reality too like us.”


Jerome Cromwell Key – August 13 , 2019

Testimonials | No or Low Deposit House & Land Packages | No1 Property Guide

3d testimonial stars

“The team here at No1 Property Guide, namely Darren, Caleb, Cheryl and Clay have been absolutely phenomenal! They have been so vigilant, hardworking and extremely patient with my wife and I who like many have been wanting to escape the dead end renting cycle. They’ve made this process as easy for us as possible and the amount of work they ask of us, they have returned 10 fold.
Today we got the unbelievable news that we were confirmed home owners with unconditional approval! *queue tears
It’s been such a worthwhile journey and we’re so glad we put our time and trust in this team and their process.
For those who are wanting the same, just take a leap of faith and these guys will guide you every step of the way. They really are passionate about this and we can’t thank them enough!
Much appreciation and gratitude from Paige Key and myself!
No1 Property Guide! You guys are the bomb! ??”


Colin Baillie – August 7 , 2019

Testimonials | No or Low Deposit House & Land Packages | No1 Property Guide

3d testimonial stars

“What a wonderful experience working with the team at no1 Property Guide! After what seemed like an endless time living out of the housing market and trapped in the rental cycle we had almost given up hope of ever owning our own property again. Then we met Daz and the team and a whole new world of opportunity was opened up to us. At first it all sounded too good to be true, but the team constantly reassured us, carefully and considerately guided us through the process and provided the most professional service we have ever experienced. 6 months ago I would never have believed we would be where we are now – the new owners of a home of our own. It is all thanks to the outstanding work and dedication of Daz, Clay, Caleb and the rest of the awesome team who made this whole experience so fantastic. I simply cannot recommend them highly enough. If you are stuck in the rental rut with no hope, get on the telephone to these guys today!! You will not be disappointed! Thanks so much Daz and the crew – you are our heroes!”


Joel Callahan – March 2 , 2019

Testimonials | No or Low Deposit House & Land Packages | No1 Property Guide

3d testimonial stars

“Darren and all the others at No1 Property Guide are simply amazing. I previously owned a house but currently rent & have for years. I have been focused on paying the day-to-day bills that I never managed to save the tens of thousands of dollars required for a house deposit. That’s where Darren and his incredible team swooped in to the rescue!I had my doubts – I think it’s good to have a healthy amount of skepticism about “deals too good to be true”,but No1 Property Guide are the real deal. They turned my fears of being stuck in the “rental loop” (can’t afford to save a deposit because you’re constantly pouring money down the drain by renting) into Home Owner reality! We got unconditional approval for our new-built home yesterday!Darren and his team worked with us on every step along the way, always promptly answering our questions with calm, reassuring answers. We’ve already started packing!Thanks again, guys!”


Lisi Jesse Ioapo – September 17, 2017

Testimonials | No or Low Deposit House & Land Packages | No1 Property Guide

3d testimonial stars

“If you think that it is too good to be true, if you think that it must be a scam, if you think you need a massive deposit to get approved, if you think that there are hidden factors that will probably work against you, then you are definitely in the same boat as we were a few weeks ago. We saw the No1 Property ads on Facebook and were sceptical at first but thought, let’s look into this, checkout the reviews and try our luck as there was nothing for us to lose. From there, we done the online enquiry and then received a call for an Initial Assessment. The initial assessment took no more than 5mins and from there we found out we could possibly get pre-approval and worked out our potential borrowing capacity. From the start of our journey, Darren and his team have guided us and even provided us with advice on how to get through to the next stage. The Number 1 team are passionate about getting anyone and everyone into their own home and were always willing to help and answer any questions that we had. Darren gave us sound financial advice and pointed us in the right direction to get us approved. Darren and his team made the process so smooth and easy that we kept thinking that something would go wrong and that it was too good to be true as we have only lived in Brisbane for 10 months….. Well, We were so so wrong as on Monday we received the best news ever as we secured unconditional approval for our home loan and we could not be happier… We cant thank Darren and the Number 1 team enough and would definitely recommend them to anyone who is looking at getting into their own home and wanting to build a better future for you and your family..

Don’t Assume – it makes an ASS out of U and ME…lol”