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Easing the process to your custom first home

It’s human nature to be a bit impatient at the process for home ownership, particularly if this is your custom first home. You will want all the details to be right — for example, you may wish to add a swimming pool or ducted air conditioning (to name but two features) — and want the […]

Keeping the home ownership process simple

We are lucky enough at No1 Property Guide to receive many kind reviews that praise us, not only on our excellent no or low deposit house and land packages but also on our service. This is something we really appreciate. For we are passionate about helping people get off the rental treadmill and into the […]

The market won’t wait for you!

There’s nothing like a bit of history to keep things in perspective. A March 1988 newspaper clipping (dug up online by No1 Property Guide founder Darren Walters) bemoans the rapid rise of properties in the Sydney region.  Though mere loose change for Sydney prices compared to today, the article shows the rise in a number […]

Dreams can come true!

One of the most rewarding aspects of our work here at No1 Property Guide is that we see home ownership dreams come true. Time after time. Our team offers a second-to-none service that has helped many into our no or low deposit house and land packages. But it’s more than just supplying a roof over […]