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Dreams can come true!

One of the most rewarding aspects of our work here at No1 Property Guide is that we see home ownership dreams come true. Time after time. Our team offers a second-to-none service that has helped many into our no or low deposit house and land packages.

But it’s more than just supplying a roof over our satisfied customers’ heads. More than getting them off the expensive and depressing rental treadmill, it’s about fulfilling their dreams. In some cases, a goal that people thought wouldn’t happen for years, if ever.

Read the sheer happiness and thankfulness in Eli Cottom’s testimonial, one of our many thrilled first home customers.

“Thanks team for assisting us in getting our build over the line! A big process for an even bigger reward.”

Eli then goes on to say the help received from the staff at No1 Property Guide was invaluable.

“Vicky and Keillen were always super friendly/helpful as well as Ellen the same plus super informative towards the end of it all with my anxious questions (there were a lot!)”

Finally Eli shows a sense of relief that the process is over and looks forward to the celebration party.

“We are stoked to finally be getting our foot into the property market and are looking forward to our slab party! We couldn’t have done it without you all!”

We take great pride in being able to smooth the way to the realisation of Eli’s dream, proof that goals can be achieved with the help of the right team. We love Eli’s kind words, it encapsulates for us our chief aim — to get people into their first homes, to realise their home ownership dreams!

But there’s more and you can check other reviews from satisfied customers over on our Facebook Page.

If you’re curious about how you can get into your custom built first home, we have more information here. Extras such as a swimming pool or ducted air conditioning (to name but two) are available with a simple deposit at No1 Property Guide.

Remember, dreams can come true! Let us show you how.


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Darren Walters

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