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Media reports, government agencies and housing pundits are all putting their weight behind getting potential first home buyers to “get in quick”, lest the Queensland First Home Owner’s Grant disappears.

However while nothing is ever certain in life and politics, there has been no indication of either party looking to abolish, or reduce the scheme, says No1 Property Guide Managing Director Darren Walters.

“Potential first home buyers shouldn’t be bullied into buying homes now, before they may be ready,” he said, adding that “…taking the time to learn the industry is of paramount importance and checking with the leaders in the industry is an important step in this research.”

While there have been calls for the state government to reform the First Home Owner’s Grant, which currently stands at $20,000, the orchestrated hype to convince young people looking to purchase is doing more harm than good, said Darren.

Don’t listen to the scaremongering and don’t be bullied into getting the first home owner’s grant, he said and added that “…even if it was reduced our no deposit will not change and the Grant on our end will stay at $20,000 for our customers.”

At No1 Property Guide and Build or Built we offer 100 percent full turnkey homes and 100 percent fixed price contracts. Our mortgage managers are there to help you through the process from start to finish and our famous customer service is available for all our customers whether they be first home buyers, investment property buyers or people looking to buy property to get away from the “dead end” of renting.

Interested in finding out more about the Queensland First Home Owner’s Grant?  Contact the friendly staff at No1 Property Guide for more information and your eligibility.

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