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If you’re thinking of becoming a first home buyer there are a number of things of which you should be aware. Firstly, note this will probably be the biggest expenditure of your life so far and secondly the nerves and waiting around for your home and land package may make the the whole first home ownership journey an extremely stressful experience!

First there is the wait to see if your application for the first homebuyers grant has been successful. Then there are a whole bunch of nervous times and delays surrounding: getting the right finance; the conveyancing process; inspections; dealing with builders and negotiating the contract for your house and land package and any follow ups.

All this before the strain and stress of moving!

Each step will involve committing a great deal of your hard-earned money and this alone will really ramp up the stress. This is particularly so if you are very unfamiliar with the process and how it works.

However it needn’t be so.

By going through our service at No1 Property Guide and Build and Built, we help take most of the stress out of the whole process.

Our experts will advise you of your eligibility for the First Home Owners’ Grant and help ensure that you provide all the needed documentation for the application. We also have specialist mortgage managers able to help you get finance for your no or low deposit land and house package. Our master builders will deliver a full turnkey house ready for you to move in straight away so there are no needless delays.

Interested in hearing more? Contact us here and here to hear about the fantastic service at No1 Property Guide and Build and Built and find out how we can help you take the hassle out of being a first home buyer.

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