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Owning your own piece of Australia with a beautiful no or low deposit house and land package is the ultimate Great Australian Dream. To be able to say “I own this” as you work on your property is an immensely satisfying feeling for any Aussie homeowner.

Being able to make changes, renovate and improve the house or backyard exactly the way YOU want, rather than seeking an estate agent’s permission is a feeling of freedom akin to being your boss.

However many people think that, with the rise in real estate prices, the chance of home ownership has passed them by. They believe they will be stuck paying rent for the rest of their lives, paying off someone else’s mortgage. People dreaming of home ownership are put off by tales they hear of steep price rises and the unavailability of finance through a bad experience with banks.

“Many folk are too scared to even send an email,” says No1 Property Guide’s Darren Walters. “They believe that affordable house and land packages offered by No1 Property Guide are too good to be true and believe there’s a catch: the houses must be overvalued or interest rates too high to afford.”

However Darren said his experience has been that those who take the time to seek more information, discover that home ownership is in fact affordable and it is very possible to purchase quality full turnkey houses in excellent locations, throughout South East Queensland and other property hotspots.

He added that No1 Property Guide is a leader in getting people off the rental treadmill and into the house and land package of their choice, acting as the co-ordinator from mortgages to linking with master builders. Our mortgage managers offer an incredible service, with rates between 3.9 and 4.4 percent and all house packages are independently valued by the bank.

“My experience has been those who take the time to do the research — and discover how easy the application process is — find they can own their own homes and far sooner than they think possible using our full housing service” says Darren.

Ready to hear more about how you can achieve your goals of owning your own piece of Australia? Interested in hearing more about how you can become part of the Great Aussie Dream of home ownership? Contact here for more information. Also check reviews to find out what other satisfied customers think of No1 Property Guide.

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