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Never assume your first home dreams can’t come true

What’s the worst that could happen?” asks satisfied No1 Property Guide first home customer Lisi Jesse Ioapo, “Give it a go…

A recent testimonial submitted by Lisi shows how easy it is to buy low or zero deposit house and land packages in the state through No1 Property Guide. More importantly, it shows how often misconceptions about buying your first home can often prevent many people from taking that first step towards home ownership.

“If you think that it is too good to be true, if you think that it must be a scam, if you think you need a massive deposit to get approved, if you think that there are hidden factors that will probably work against you, then you are definitely in the same boat as we were a few weeks ago,” Lisi said.

However this perception is not only wrong, it’s also putting roadblocks in your own mind about taking advantage of easy home options to obtain your slice of the full turnkey house and land packages dream on offer.

“We saw the No1 Property ads on Facebook and were sceptical at first but thought, let’s look into this, checkout the reviews and try our luck as there was nothing for us to lose. From there, we did the online enquiry and then received a call for an Initial Assessment. The initial assessment took no more than 5 minutes and from there we found out we could possibly get pre-approval and worked out our potential borrowing capacity.”

Lisi took special time to praise the No1 Property Guide team, saying the service was fast and friendly and the advice that Darren and his assistants offered was sound and always helpful.

“From the start of our journey, Darren and his team have guided us and even provided us with advice on how to get through to the next stage. The Number 1 team are passionate about getting anyone and everyone into their own home and were always willing to help and answer any questions that we had. Darren gave us sound financial advice and pointed us in the right direction to get us approved. Darren and his team made the process so smooth and easy that we kept thinking that something would go wrong and that it was too good to be true as we have only lived in Brisbane for 10 months….. Well, We were so so wrong as on Monday we received the best news ever as we secured unconditional approval for our home loan and we could not be happier.” said Lisi.

“We can’t thank Darren and the Number 1 team enough and would definitely recommend them to anyone who is looking at getting into their own home and wanting to build a better future for you and your family.”

As Lisi says, when you’re thinking about buying your first home, don’t assume that it’s out of your reach. Lisi didn’t and she’s happy. As she puts it “Don’t Assume – it makes an ASS out of U and ME…lol”

So if you’re a first home buyer, looking for a way to get off the rental spiral, contact the friendly team at No1 Property Guide. Looking for more information? Check here.

Check out our Facebook reviews (the ones Lisi viewed) to see what customers think of our famous service.

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Darren Walters

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