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“The only thing we have to fear, is fear itself,” was the now-famous quote by Franklin D. Roosevelt at his 1933 inauguration. Roosevelt was, of course, referring to the mindset caused by America’s experience of The Great Depression. FDR was saying if people lost their fear of the economic shock, growth would come. His speech galvanized the nation and history showed he was correct.

Sometimes these lessons from history can be applied to our everyday lives. We here at No1 Property Guide think it’s not too big a stretch to equate FDR’s famous quote with home ownership. Often we baulk at making the final decision, at making the last leap. Fearing the unknown.

For the benefits of home ownership, of living in your very own custom first home, are immense. You gain security knowing that the low deposit house and land package you select is yours. You and your family get off the rental treadmill, you stop paying off someone’s else’s mortgage. Independence and lifestyle are the key.

So, what’s stopping you from committing to the house and land package of your dreams? Sometimes it’s a touch of “fear of the unknown”, the same feeling to which FDR was alluding back in 1933.

To demonstrate what’s possible, this week’s featured testimonial, from satisfied customer Wendy MacDonald, from the Gold Coast, Queensland, shows what can be achieved once you take the plunge.

“… we took the plunge and researched to see if there was any possibility we could purchase a house! And guess what! We just became unconditional today. We are so happy and we owe this to the whole team at No1 Property Guide.

We researched and found this company (No1 property guide) on the internet and at first ,we thought it would be impossible or out of our reach but to our surprise, they went above and beyond to help us get there. I found all the team to be honest and very professional, not the service you see everyday!

First they assessed our borrowing capacity and matched us with a perfect house and land package that was within our budget and within the area we had chosen to live.

We are so pleased and grateful and like to specially thank Darren and Keillen and the team who helped us to achieve this dream.

Thank you very much and we look forward to the rest of the journey.

No more renting for us, woo hoo!! 5 stars for this exceptional service – one stop shop ‘No1 Property Guide’ Highly recommended!”

I think you’ll agree, Wendy’s is a wonderful testimonial and one that we are very proud of here at No1 Property Guide. Don’t hesitate to check our Facebook Page for more customer reviews.

We have more information here on how you can get into your custom built first home with chosen accessories such as a swimming pool or ducted air conditioning (to name but two). You can do this with a simple deposit at No1 Property Guide.

Once you make the decision to take the plunge into home ownership, follow this link to find out how you can get started. It’s that easy!

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Darren Walters

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